Construction Of Three Phase Electricity Meter


    Definition: A meter used to measure the power of a three-phase power supply is called a three-phase meter. A three-phase electric meter is constructed by connecting two single-phase electric meters through a shaft. The total energy is the sum of the readings of the two elements.

    The working principle of a three-phase electric meter
    To mechanically increase the torque of the two components, the total rotation of the shaft is proportional to the three-phase energy consumption.

    Construction of three-phase electric meters
    The three-phase electric meter is equipped with two discs on the common shaft. Both discs have their brake magnets, copper rings, shading tapes and compensators to obtain correct readings. These two elements are used to measure three-phase power. The structure of the three-phase meter is shown in the figure below.

    For a three-phase electric meter, the drive torques of the two components are equal. This can be done by adjusting the torque. The torque can be adjusted by connecting the current coils of the two elements in series and the potential coils connected in parallel. The full load current flows through the coil, so two opposite torques are established in the coil.

    The strength of the two torques is equal, so they do not allow the disc to rotate. If the torque becomes unequal and the disc rotates, the magnetic shunt will be adjusted. The balance torque has been obtained before testing the meter. The positions of the compensator and the brake magnet are adjusted to each element separately to obtain a balanced torque.

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