Matthew "Bash" Robles finished with 15 points

  • Matthew "Bash" Robles finished with 15 points and 15 assists for Blazer5 and Marquis "Randomz" Gill and Dayvon "GOOFY757" Curry scored 16 points apiece. In the second match, Sherm finished with NBA 2K22 MT 20 points, followed by ribgy with 18 points and PeteBeBallin had 13. Rashann "ScrettyScretty Petty scored 22 to be the leader of the Blazer5 second game. Bash had 14 points while GOOFY757 racked up 10 and 15 rebounded.

    Heat Check Gaming was defeated by the Hornets defeating them 81-47. They also won 75-63. Blazer5 made it to the finals by sweeping Wizards District Gaming 74-67 and 72-67. Rigby was awarded MVP honors for his performance, which included 24.5 points in the finals. He also scored 25.5 points in the semifinals and 21.3 points during the team's nine games included in the tournament.

    NBA 2K's simulated playoffs season decides on its finale: Bucks against the Lakers

    While the possibility of completing the 2019-2020 NBA season isn't certain, NBA 2K has begun simulating the results. The 2K Sim playoffs are now set to "play the final round. In their semi-finals simulated, the Milwaukee Bucks survived as Eastern Conference champions, beating the Boston Celtics four games to two. In the west the final was a match between LA teams when the virtual Lakers beat the virtual Clippers 4 - 1.

    2K will release the results from the simulated final round on May 15th. The company even managed to get quotes from top players on each team (which likely wasn't too difficult to do, considering they were tapped to be the game's cover for the last two years). Anthony Davis, NBA 2K20's cover athlete, said that "It would have been wonderful to have been present in real life however, for the moment it's wonderful that 2K lets fans have the possibility to follow their teams' games on the virtual courts." Giannis Antetokounmpo, who appeared on the cover of 2019 stated, "We all miss basketball and we are trying our best to be able that we will be able to Buy NBA 2K22 MT Coins play in the near future, but for now, I am eager to find out what happens to the Lakers this week!"