I've been experiencing game stutter for a long time

  • I've been experiencing game stutter for WOW TBC Classic Gold a long time. It is affecting all my characters. The stuttering is not so random but is often it is reactive all the time. For instance, I stutter every when I switch weapons (2h to shield and reverse). My rogue also has the doors to stealth. I also stutter when dropping combat. It happens quite often, and it happens more freqneutly when there's a lots going on, for instance in a raiding environment. I shut off all addons to examine this issue, and the results are that there's less stuttering , however it's there, which has me beg the question: what's the root of this? It's unlikely that my PC is at fault. I've tried disabling addons, changing in-game video settings and then reinstalling the game. The flashing of new bios and disabling hyperthreading are some of the things I tried. It doesn't seem to work. Do you have any suggestions what could be causing this problem? It's very annoying. Imagine your screen going blank every when you switch from shield to spell reflect.
    Update: Even after everything I wrote, and limiting my FPS to just puts my card at 50% of its capacity, I still was getting flickering in an Kara raid last night. Therefore, I turned off Freesync completely, and it seems to have resolved the issue.

    I turned it off through the monitors in themselves, both are the same brand but differing sizes/models, and also in my AMD GPU settings. As of now, it appears to have fixed the problem. I'll have to see any additional issues that come up.

    Original Post: I've noticed flickering issues, however, I would not hesitate to buy Burning Crusade Classic Gold refer to it as full-on studdering. It's been happening for a while which really has made it a nightmare to troubleshoot. It had reached the point that it was driving me mad so I tried to find out what could be the root of the issue.