I'm going to set a premise for the discussion

  • But, the issue will not be immediately straightforward. I'm going to OSRS Items set a premise for the discussion. Do you think the SoF should be shut down business or be replaced? Jagex is in danger of going bankrupt after having made 3-4 moneymaking attempts, each resulting in losses of millions of dollars. Jagex is conducting a fourth attempt that will be almost as costly and which is yet to receive any kind of return.

    Squeal is a hugely expensive product and is available at a 2 to 3 times higher price on any illicit website. Just 1% of users are able to successfully finance xp gains. And less than 10% of players will ever be able to purchase more than 500k worth of xp during their character's entire life. This makes Jagex the equivalent of thousands of memberships worth of money.

    Yelp was replaced recently by Mr. Coffin. He is an unhappily troll that does not use exclamation marks in his writing and neither cracks jokes. The squeal isn't distractingly colourful and Mr. Coffin never smiles. Also, he doesn't display daily pop-ups in your browser. It's also been renamed the Wheel of Fate-influenced-by-cash, or WoFibc for short.

    Jagex could stop making money and this could lead to the game's decline, with fewer updates, bugfixes and servers. But, SoF currently is making enough to keep runescape and the other Jagex projects on the right track.

    You are enjoying almost every update (except WoFibc ones) which is targeted at Buy RuneScape Gold your player groups. IF you don't read the bullet points, don't post anything.