Development Trend of Future Mining Machinery

  • Report at 18th Party Congress points that China mining machinery will develop toward intelligence. Therefore, we should develop high-end equipment through independent innovation. Thus it shows clearly us the development road of mineral mining machinery.

    It is reported that the China engineering and crushing machinery such as sand and cement machinery are driven by the various infrastructure constructions in recent years. The leading machinery enterprises improve competitive edge and occupy market by practical actions such as product quality and product technology content improvement . Additionally, the building material manufacturers such as sand or concrete manufacturers also benefit from the technology performance of product, which also drives the rapid development of machinery industry.

    However, the most Construction Waste Crusher manufacturers meet the market demand by imitating the product of other manufacturers instead of improving product quality. If they adopts this method, it can be more convenient and save research cost as well as reduce the price in current views, but the product quality is not sure to meet the standard, to say nothing of other enterprises that cheat customers by producing forged and fake commodity. No way looks promising except independent innovation road.

    Although the current economic situation is quite floundering, machinery manufacturing industry is also confronted with over capacity problems.

    The 18th Party Congress points out the clear development direction of sand and cement machinery industry. Modernization, large and intelligence are bound to become the development tendency of future engineering machinery. Only by independent innovation can the enterprises win the market and get better development. China heavy industry will be injected more lasting motivate power.