Examination of Tooth Plate Framework of Sand Making Machine

  • Tooth plate, that's also known as lining board, is the spare that that specifically contacts the ores within a crushing device. Despite its straightforward composition, it's got influences within the manufacturing potential, electrical power usage, products granularity composition and particle shape as well as crushing force, specifically the last 3 objects.

    Tooth plate has got to maintain huge impact and squeezing power, due to this, its abrasion is very critical. To increase its service life, we can examine from two aspects: initially, undertake highly use resistant elements; 2nd, fairly design and style structural condition and bodily dimension of tooth condition.

    The frequently applied tooth plate by Sand Making Machine is ZGMn13 whose features are that below the impact load, the surface of the supplies is hardened, therefore forming tricky and wear-resisting surface area, and simultaneously, it might sustain the first tenacity from the internal metal, due to this, it's really a usually made use of use resistant material in purverizer machines. The leading disadvantage from the common large manganese steel is always that within the working with procedure, the material will likely be away from condition.

    Recently, the commonly adopted materials is significant chromium white iron from the domestic and international market place and its service existence is far lengthier than that of your substantial manganese metal. To be certain merchandise granularity and condition, it is sensible to choose V-shaped or ladder-shaped lining board.

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