Details Fiber Optic Splice Closure Of Splice Loss And Solutions


    Fiber Optic Splice Closure is found everywhere in the communications industry, but the cable splice closures are not lost during the connection. As for some units in the cable laying, the cable loss caused by the construction is not according to the standard and according to the construction, so that after a few years, the scene of the broken core and the like appears. After the experts began to analyze, it was concluded that the factors of large loss and broken core were mainly because the construction team was not professional, and the quality of the welding personnel was not advanced. So today, we are mainly talking about the reasons and solutions for the loss of overhead construction of optical cables and welding.

    (1) Connection loss

    The connection loss of the optical fiber mainly includes two kinds of inherent loss formed by the intrinsic element of the optical fiber and the fusion loss formed by the extrinsic element.

    1. The inherent loss formed by the intrinsic elements of the fiber. The inherent loss of optical fiber is mainly due to the fact that the optical fiber mode field diameters are not common, the fiber core diameter is not matched, the core carrier surface is not round, and the core and cladding concentricity are unsatisfactory. The biggest influence between them is that the mode field diameters are not common.

    2. Splice loss formed by extrinsic elements Splice loss The splice loss of non-intrinsic elements is mainly caused by axial misalignment, axial (folding) skew, end face separation, incomplete fiber end face, refractive index difference, fiber end face not cleaned and connected Personnel operation level, operation steps, welding machine electrode cleaning degree, welding parameter setting, etc.

    (2) Solving the connection loss scheme

    1. In engineering planning and construction, excellent optical cables with common characteristics should be selected. A batch of excellent brand-name optical cables may be used on one line to match the characteristics of the optical fibers as much as possible, so that the influence of the mode field diameter on the splice loss of the optical fiber is reduced to the bottom. point.

    2. Select experienced and well-trained splicing personnel to weld, the welding level of the connecting personnel is directly related to the connection loss, and the continuation personnel should strictly follow the process flow to strictly control the joint loss, and the condition can be used to use the optical domain reflectometer ( OTDR) for monitoring, (joint loss ≤ 0.4db / piece), if it fails, it should be welded from the beginning.

    3. Ensure that the continuation environment meets the requirements. It is forbidden to operate in the open air in a dusty and humid environment. The continuation of the site and the materials and materials should be kept clean. The cable should not be damp. The cable to be cut must be cleaned with alcohol. The fiber after cutting should not be used. If the exposure time in the air is too long, it is necessary to weld as soon as possible, otherwise the moisture will cause the loss to increase.

    4. Preparation of perfect fiber end face, the preparation of fiber end face is the most important process of fiber optic connection. The end face is directly related to the loss of fineness, the excellent end face should be flat, no burr, no defect and straight with the axis, showing a smooth and flat Die surface, when moving the fiber, it should be handled with care, and be careful to avoid scratching and polluting the fiber while moving.

    5. Accurate use of the fusion splicer, the accurate use of the fusion splicer is the main guarantee and the key link to reduce the loss.

    1 The operation instructions and procedures of the fusion splicer should be strictly followed.

    2 The welding machine should be placed horizontally, securely and not skewed.

    3 Set the parameters accurately according to the type of cable.

    4 In the process of application and after application, the ash and oil on the welding machine should be arranged in time (especially the foreign objects in the fixture, each mirror, V-groove).

    5 The life of the electrode of the fusion splicer is usually about 2,000 times and there will be certain oxides, which should be cured or replaced in time.