Psyonix outlines a few added changes to the system

  • If that's not advantageous enough, the new arrangement will accolade players an account anniversary time they akin up Rocket League Items. These items will ambit from "uncommon" to "import," acceptation you may accept something nice to appearance off your new akin with besides a simple banderole on the scoreboard. This will alter the about timed account drops afterwards matches, which leads me to accept that Psyonix wants leveling up to be a somewhat approved occurrence, aback accepting accidental drops isn't absolutely rare.

    Psyonix outlines a few added changes to the system. These cover bout completion, party, and afterwards bout bonuses, leaver penalties, and a action that will accolade you based on the breadth of matches. In this new system, those 5+ minute overtimes adeptness not be so bad afterwards all.

    Psyonix aswell clarifies that contour akin XP will alone be awarded afterwards online matches, an accessible accommodation now that account rewards will be angry to akin progression. I've consistently acquainted that the contour akin progression was a rather bank feature, but this amend will add added abyss to the system Personally I'd adulation to see this arrangement broadcast even added by accepting akin titles that are afar by earning achievements, or replacing akin titles with the adeptness to appearance off assertive amateur stats. However, I'm actual aflame for this accessible amend and I'm searching advanced to see what abroad Psyonix has in store.

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