Old School RuneScape komt uit op de mobiele telefoon

  • The year is 2005. As a 14-year-old boy, just before the violent outbreak of puberty, I sit on the PC for hours on end - to the great displeasure of my parents. The game? runescape mobile gold, at that time the advertising among all my friends. Through headsets we communicate about disabling enemies, we form clans to attack other players in the Wilderness and above all we play for hundreds of hours for that one level, that one outfit, that ever growing stack of Gold Pieces. For the untrained eye it looks almost amateurish, even for 2005 concepts. The characters move wooden, the apparel are clumsy and pixelated and the gameplay usually consists of thousands of times clicking on the same tree, enemy or boulder. We do not care, we play in a row.

    It is the summer of 2017. There I am, with my laptop next to three other friends, playing the same game. The advertising is back, that one nice game from the past has returned in all its old glory https://www.lolga.com. This without all the fuss and controversial updates that made us alienated from our obsession at the time. As a saying goes in the RuneScape community: you never stop playing, you only take breaks. Fast advanced to October 30, 2018. Old School RuneScape is released on the mobile phone, meaning that the prayers of thousands of players are heard. The app has only just been released for iOS and Android, but I have been able to test it a bit longer through the beta. RuneScape on your mobile phone, does that work?

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