Don't Playing Fortnite Alone

  • In any case, love playing at the Playground! Also: Here are all the big weapon nerfs along with other changes found from the v4.5 patch. Oh, and here's when Season 5 starts.

    Epic Games ended up maintaining Playground offline and as of this morning fortnite items for sale is still not up and running. In a post on reddit, the developer assures us that the manner remains planned for release at some point later in the day.

    Yesterday we launched the Playground LTM. So a lot of you rushed into produce and play that our matchmaking service fell over. We have since separated the Playground matchmaker from the one which impacts the default styles and made large improvements to assist with the number of gamers. We plan to push those changes and improvements live later today to deliver the Playground LTM back online.

    Epic Games has launched its first official tease of Fortnite Season 5 and also verified a couple of things we already knew. At a tweet on Monday morning, the company stated that the newest Fortnite season was just 3 days off. While the July 12 launch date was previously declared, it's wonderful to have it supported since Epic may sometimes be a little late on their release -- appearing at you Playground Mode.

    Though the official release date is fine, it is not the only tease at the tweet, which seems to feature a mask emerging from among those rifts that keep popping up in-game. While fan speculation around the mask is already warming up on the internet, it seems probably that this is really a reference to the Japanese kitsune, or fox. In accordance with Japanese yokai folklore, the kitsune can shapeshift -- largely into human form -- also possesses various supernatural characteristics.

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