RuneScape: How to Link Account

  • The point is that in many ways some of the abilities became worthless once you attained a certain degree though I shall concede Jagex made some type of effort to change this over the years with new buy OSRS gold. The idea was to make them fun or at least for there to be some stage. Tracking: a great deal of that content was pointless or downright stupid! Oops! So much for change.

    Whatever the case, simply because there's new content does not mean it'll be fun or worthwhile in even a small measure. Additionally, it may only be installed to get uber quick leveling up so that all the best site for buying osrs gold crybabies will be pacified. Believe Divination ability here... and the principal mini-game created for leveling.

    All it was there to perform was to allow people to achieve a 99 ASAP. Again I must ask the question... what was the purpose? Was there a point? Not actually... and folks wonder why so many gamers hang and desire for the day when Jagex would knock away the shenanigans and go back to RS ahead of the quacked era started... that was right around the time of Construction. The game was actually FUN back apart from cheaters using bots.

    To finish up, I'll confess I have not been on RS since 2012 when my account had been hacked. I lost about 1.5 billion in cash and items... never got anything back was my accounts restored. I told Jagex give me back what I got or you misplaced my money for more members play forever... they never said a peep via email so that was that.

    I finished out my membership time, converted to F2P for a short time then found another game to spend my cash on. I eventually did find out exactly what happened to my account though... it was the great Yahoo hack of a few years back - that's the way the hackers obtained my advice.

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