Should follow the MapleStory

  • First, we practice'Boss Convenance Mode' to dispensary the bang-up action and aswell adapt the blueprint,Maple Mobile Mesos aswell added the new burden dungeon'Secret Forest Ellodine', and simplified the 5th pre-quest pursuit. In addition, through the abutment bread accounts integration, the alliance arrangement was reorganized so the abutment boutique can calmly buy the appurtenances afterwards affective the bread warehouse.

    In anniversary of the update, Nexon will advance a limited-time'Adventure' breach and attainable an'Adventure' bread boutique breadth you can acquirement items with an coin. You are able to acquisition an accident bread by accommodating in'experience drill' to annihilate bother monsters and'mini-game with 100 experiences' such as bingo and addle that is countersign have.

    In accretion to this, a new battlefield game"Return Angry Legend" will alpha with the accretion of a new avatar"Winky". It takes 10 annual to grab a monster to aggrandize the accumulation and again play through the endure minute afore the end of the match.

    In addition,'Burning World' that can abound buy Maple M Mesos personality is operated. Should you actualize about two mega-burning characters on earth, you will get 1 2 akin up furnishings and altered items,'Burning Apple Skill' while adopting into 130 level.On the added hand, Nexon will actuate the"Momentum" on January 10th and the"Pathfinder" on January 31 and the"Squad" amend on February 28th during this winter.

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