Logging onto MapleStory back

  • This sport has an old school version of the sport and its own very successful, and more than half of the game population playing it since the simple, hard working matches are favored by many.I don't know if I'm the only one who feels just like this, anyways--

    I'm probably the only that feels like this, and I am 100% sure Maplestory M Mesos won't occur, but mentioning it maybe might bring some attention.

    Anyone else feel this way? Thank you for reading the entire thing if you did My IGN is JeoYoona, Scania btw.The populace is falling steadily and has dropped appreciably. Windia was full..so did Bera, Broa, and occasionally Khaini, now all of the worlds are dead besides Scania. The alliances of the world makes it clear the popualtion is dying and something is not going right. I hope as well, I think its a great concept, then it might just be that there's a great deal of new games out and/or both. Thank you for placing your insight on this subject btw.

    I logged into my maplestory account about a week or so ago. It had been 2.5 years since I was on. Each character had a whole group of Joyous 7th scrolls in the 7th Anniversary. I never used them and they had been untradeable. Those that might not be familiar, they look like THIS.

    The thing doesn't expire, and I see no reason buy MaplestoryM Mesos wouldn't still work. The scrolls either triumph (20% chance) or fail and destroy the item. But when I attempted to use it something odd happened.

    I tried a few accessory maplestory scrolls on cheap earrings. They kept neglecting and ruining the merchandise. Nothing odd there, only bad luck. However I also tried some"Joyous 7th Armor Enhancement Dark Scan 20%" I had. The equipment was NOT destroyed and revealed a +1 plus a slot was utilized. On the other hand, the scroll added NO stats to the equipment like it was supposed to.