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  • Anyone else feel like that? Thank you for reading the whole thing if you did My IGN is JeoYoona, Scania btw.The populace is falling steadily and has fallen appreciably. The alliances of the world makes it obvious that the popualtion is perishing and something isn't going right. I hope so as well, I believe its a wonderful idea, then again Maple M Mesos might just be that there is a great deal of new games out and/or both. Thank you for placing your insight on this subject btw.

    It had been 2.5 years since I last was on. Those that may not be recognizable, they look like THIS.The item doesn't expire, and I see no reason it would not still function. The scrolls either succeed (20% chance) or fail and ruin the merchandise. However, when I attempted to use it something odd happened.

    They kept failing and ruining the item. Nothing odd there, only bad luck. However I also tried some"Joyous 7th Armor Enhancement Dark Scan 20 percent" I'd. These succeeded all 3 times I used them. The equipment wasn't destroyed and revealed a +1 and a slot was used. HOWEVER, the scroll included NO stats to the gear like it was supposed to.

    Perhaps these scrolls no more will work? Updates may have averted them? It is just strange I would still have them in my inventory, that you can still apply themthat they could fail and destroy items, and they can SEEM to buy MaplestoryM Mesos succeed but actually not apply any of the enhancements while still using up slots.

    I was planning to use them on some unimportant lower level equipment but if they won't work I'll just toss them. I want to make room in my inventory.