The Celebrity of Maplestory M

  • Or if minimal damage is good but the timer if too high, it makes supervisors too easy to solo at certain points. And remember after years of presence of MapleStory, it is far too simple to acquire damage with all these features that's cool. However there are a few stuffs that don't assist either and is an issue for FM market as instance, in my opinion. The truth that it is instance fall. This instanced fall system pratically kills Free Market market, since in my view end-game boss gear prices should not be this cheap particularly weapons.

    Some folks are able to say courses are unbalanced due to rapid hitter classes and we could take Dojo as example. I think Dojo is your best example I can use here. And the movies of people soloing chaos vellum. You may see it's unfair right? Why most classes can not hit"around" same harm for a cappion quickly invisibly with same capital? I can easily Maplestory mobile mesos this present cap damage system.

    Speaking about small minority of cappion gamers (on end game boss), most of these players actually break ToS to get there and to get certain of them they have cap damage on more than one character! Too addicted to harm right? They risk everything to get there and however, a number of them are not banned or MAYBE a few temporary bans but still not perma-banned!!

    Maybe a few paying gamers receive cap harm just by paying their own money for NX money from cubing (which is a very small portion of players) and for certain of these, if they cap other characters, they may purchase more NX OR really buy NX using meso. Seeing this, it also generates many illegal trades, even if NX>meso trade existed for longer, directly or in kind of buy Maple Mobile Mesos trades via leech or alternative. Now this game gets much pay2win NOT simply because of all Nexon, but also some players mentality. That is why these transactions exist.