The TV broadcaster famous in the WoW scene

  •  However, does not the nostalgic look back water down the fact that the WoW had problems and construction sites? Of them, George Zaal, former editor at the TV broadcaster famous in the lightbringer wow gold scene , especially under his Youtube alias Barlow and Giga, convinced. "People like to talk about'what was amazing at that time and everything goes right down the drain now, and that certainly doesn't just apply to game series,' says WoW expert Golem.

    Zaal isn't thrilled with the possibility of WoW Classic, as he explains in a humorous blog post. "Personally, I am by no means a friend of old games like a remaster or, exactly like in this scenario, just re-releasing a genre match, I'm a big friend of innovation, but sadly I am increasingly seeing a community that Innovations bashed and a poisonous shit show held, while she revered olle Kamellen religiously - rather than just on WoW.

    He himself has many good memories of this Vanilla age and through the sport must know a few people in person, with whom he has contact and plays now. "Classic was revolutionary and better than any other MMO of its time, but it was also a match by developers who had little experience in the MMO marketplace - and you have noticed that - lots of great thoughts, but also a lot of unworked, unfinished ones or simply not working theories." In general, the game has been worse than it is now.

    Zaal anxieties that the nostalgic transfiguration of many players and a possible success of WoW Classic could result in more and more cosmetic projects and"the openness of game designers to take risks with innovative new games sinks even further than previously".

    MMORPG pro Karsten Scholz does not believe in the victory of buy wow classic gold. "The fact that the Traditional servers will be a part of their normal WoW subscription, is definitely a Wise move from Blizzard.There are players of the current version, who play with their Traditional character in fairly silent stages, instead of restarting the subscription Likewise, the Classic offering will drive some former players to subscription reactivation, who've turned their backs on the game in recent years." That in the end, the seemingly fantastic effort for Blizzard is going to be amortized and they make significant cash with WoW Classic, he doubted.