Maplestory M Series Was Top of Gaming

  •  Why playing a MMORPG if you want play solo? You may want get 2-2M range clean to solo chaos vellum as example, but in the event that it's possible to attract 5 additional people and you guys all have 500-600k strike range with adequate percent boss and 90%ignore monster def, this isn't pay2win however play2win or especially party to Maplestory mobile mesos.

    No need to solo everything to win the game, which is my view about pay2win aspect, we can also party2win.Plus that there are a whole lot of approaches to acquire free damage, certain different ways ought to be lot more accessible, other than placing cubes in FM store.

    The dearth of free stuffs also creates illegal trade in pay2win aspect, but we will not talk about that further, unless you guys want and say it's related with my main topic, which is the consequence of pay2win facet. Pay2win facet being a mix of Nexon and gamers mentality faults.

    If I need talk more about cap harm, because most courses have this exact same cap damage, it produces a kind of unbalance in courses mainly due to funding, which is being a lot more pay2win. Dojo is a perfect example of class unbalance at cap amount too.

    And I also think cap harm is way too high. I thought a decrease buy Maple Mobile Mesos cap is needed and slightly nerf boss HP, not climbing with the reduced cap because people can still solo end-game boss. I mean if we lower cap damage by 40%, manager HP should be nerfed by 10-15%. They are end-game after all, but we can make a difficulty mode between normal and chaos boss.