Discovering FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

  • Having a good physical presence is crucial when playing the centre-back FIFA Coins 20, so you'll want to increase your height and weight in this instance. We propose deciding on a height of around 6ft 2" and weight of 198lbs to maximise your strength and jumping without sacrificing too much speed or agility, which are also important attributes to consider.

    You'll naturally want to work on improving your core defensive stats through the Player Traits screen. It is advisable to place the remainder of your points into strength and acceleration, while short passing and heading precision will also be influential in this particular position.

    There are a number of schools of thought in regards to creating a CAM. Many opt for too brief and agile players in this position, but we prefer a little more balance in FIFA 20 due to the higher reliance on strength. As such, our suggestion is to stick to about 5ft 10" and whatever from 176-198lbs when enjoying this role.

    Mould that your Player Traits on your favorite playstyle. CAMs typically cheap Fut 20 Coins gain from top ball control, dribbling and short passing abilities, while good pace and handling is also important. Add points to finishing and long shots to improve your consistency before goal.

    The huge gap for wide midfielders and wingers this season is that speed is not as overpowered as it had been in FIFA 18. It's still a vital part of your game, but you do not have to forfeit height and weight as a result -- sticking to some CAM-like 5ft 10in and 176-198lbs is more than sufficient for exploding down the wing.