Rainbow Six Siege Is Far Ahead Of Other Games

  • If you do not need to cover Prime, you are able to get around 13 of the items by signing up for a 30-day free trial in time to claim both the September and October packages for a majority of the exclusive equipment. But the advertising is timed across three months to prevent you from getting the set that manner.

    At the very least, R6 Items is free stuff -- assuming you have a Prime subscription or have not consumed that free trial yet.

    However, each new period also adds stacks of new cosmetic items that are not documented in the official patch notes, often leading to a surge of Reddit articles where players post images of their new weapon skins or charms they have seen in Alpha Packs.

    The image of the charm has already garnered over 3,000 upvotes in Seven hours of being posted to the forum by Redditor u/Raysty. In Terms of the comments? Doge speak and other gamers seething with jealousy. Long live the internet.

    So, how can you get the Rainbow Six Siege Doge allure on your own? Pure luck. Siege's Alpha Packs can not be purchased with real world money, so any mythical items which are exclusive to Alpha Packs could be exceedingly hard to get hold off. One Alpha Pack can take up to five hours to grind for, and also the item pool is filled with hundreds of the other items, so settle in for a lot of disappointing pack openings.

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