The Division 2 will receive a lot of free updates in 2019

  • The Division 2 is Ubisoft's sequel to the smash hit The Division. Set in a Washington D.C. that is collapsing in on itself, you are part of a crack force sent to take the streets back from the gangs and rabid people that now live there. According to our own Russell Holly, The division 2 is a near perfect sequel to the original and is definitely worthy of your time and money.

    The Division 2's not far away at all, and so as we've come to expect, the Ubisoft marketing machine is really kicking into gear. The publisher's released the game's launch trailer, which opts for drama and a lot of bullets. Not to mention a few explosions, obviously. The Division 2's due out next week, on the 15th March, but are you hyped? Has this trailer added to your excitement at all?

    The first game released on Steam at a time when the Epic Games Store didn't exist. As far as we know right now, The Division 2 is only slated for Uplay and the Epic Games Store on PC, but it is unclear if there is a timed exclusivity deal in place with Epic. Metro Exodus was recently pulled from Steam before launch to be exclusively sold on the Epics Games Store for one year, after which it will likely come to Steam. The same may happen to The Division 2 down the road. By the way, you can buy cheap The Division 2 Credits from, where you can enjoy a 3% discount by using the code “ MMOCSVIP ”.

    The Division 2 will receive a lot of free updates in 2019 and if you own the Year 1 Pass, you can play them a few days early. The Year 1 Pass is included in the Gold Edition and Ultimate Edition, but you can also purchase it for $40. The pass grants early access to all additional content, instant access to new Specilizations, more Classified Assignments to reveal more about the city, and some cosmetic items that should help you stand out.

    The Division 2's launch trailer is here! It has cinematic action, teasers of cool abilities, and possibly the most egregious example of song/trailer conflict I have ever witnessed. Don't get me wrong, it's a well-crafted video that makes me excited to play The Division 2 when it comes out on March 15, but picking Bob Dylan's "Masters of War" to play behind the whole thing sure was a choice.

    Masters of War may be Bob Dylan's angriest song. It's a '60s anti-war protest anthem, and though many other protest songs have been recontextualized over the years to just sound a bit rebellious to our modern ears (hello, Fortunate Son), the venom Dylan felt in his heart is just as strong today as when he wrote it.