The Top 5 Fortnite Locations that No Longer Exist


    What locations do you miss the most in Fortnite? When the new season arrives, players might have probably lost a beloved spot. To help keep the game fresh, Fortnite's continuous map regularly adjustments, but in some cases, people's favorite drop spots are destroyed within the course of action. Listed below are the best 5 Fortnite locations that no longer exist.


    Here isn't any over the frozen over locations in Season 7, since for all we know they may be coming back when the snow melts. So there's no Greasy Grove or Flush Factory on this list. To enjoy all the features in the game, players can buy Fortnite Boosting from u4gm.


    TOP 1. Factory


    Fortnite Factory


    No, not Flush, the other Factory. The unnamed drop spot near Dusty Depot was many OG players preferred spot. The Factory was honestly stacked with loot. It was undoubtedly one of the most loaded spots that didn't have a name.


    The aspect of its allure was the fact that it was unnamed, so you had to be somewhat in-the-know to recognize factory as the remarkable landing spot it was. Rumors that the beloved factories could be rebuilt have already been prevalent and the look of a group of trucks close to the spot in Season 5 caused a lot of hype. Regrettably, the trucks came to absolutely nothing and also the spot continues to be barren.


    If any Fortnite place came back, I consider the majority of people would root for the factory, if only for the nostalgia element.


    TOP 2. Moisty Mire / Prison


    Fortnite Moisty Mire / Prison


    I combined these two places due to the fact they generally came as a package deal. Even though Prison was a favorite drop spot in its right, pretty much anybody dropping in Moisty would subsequently move on to Prison. A desert area with Paradise Palms replaced this combo because of the most important attraction in Season five.


    The Moisty / Prison combo was remarkable due to the fact Moisty held practically unlimited amounts of wood and commonly some decent loot with little competition. Immediately after hitting the prison a squad could be set up with substantial loot and lots of mats ahead of heading inland.


    Though the desert place is unique, so have been Moisty and Prison. Plus the OG duo provided much better loot than the desert place does now.


    TOP 3. Dusty Depot


    Fortnite Dusty Depot


    This may feel like a higher ranking for what exactly is most likely Fortnite's most famously removed place. The three giant warehouses are a staple with the game, and lots of clips came from the places in Fortnite's early days. The reason it is so higher is uncomplicated: the loot kind of sucked. Landing there almost never felt superior mainly because there were small cover and reasonably little loot.


    The other primary challenge with Dusty was its location. Dusty was situated just about in the dead middle of your map and surrounded by much better loot in Tilted, Salty, Retail, and Tomato. That meant players had to become on the lookout from virtually any place about them and have been conveniently snuck up on.


    Together with the change to Dusty Divot in Season four, the loot enhanced but so did the sight lines as players could take cover inside the crater and not must be concerned nearly as a lot about being sniped from rotating players.


    TOP 4. Anarchy Acres


    fortnite anarchy acres


    A poor man's Fatal Fields, Anarchy was the second farm on the original Fortnite map and the less common 1. Anarchy was recognizable by the massive barn, farmhouse, and two huge silos. The loot was commonly pretty excellent, but there was almost usually a decent level of competitors.


    At the end of Season four, a thruster from the rocket ship broke off and landed on Anarchy destroying the farmhouse. It was replaced by Lazy Hyperlinks which isn't significantly superior loot wise but at the least offers some diversity across the map.


    TOP 5. Soccer Stadium


    Fortnite Soccer Stadium


    When the World Cup kicked off a random soccer stadium appeared just north of Pleasant Park. It had the shortest length of any place ever in Fortnite and was introduced in Season four and removed in Season 5. An additional weird point in regards to the soccer field was that it didn't disappear with any in-game event like most other alterations, it just was there a single day and was gone the following.


    The stadium was beautiful because it held some robust loot and just felt like a fun place. The stadium was impressive since it permitted players to drop ideal behind Pleasant and rotate appropriately behind the folks leaving the park and heading towards the circle.