The Full List of Fortnite In-Game Bugs and Glitches

  • Fortnite Bugs and Glitches


    Since the release of Fortnite Season 7, you will discover nonetheless quite a few bugs and glitches that may be located in-game. A majority with the challenges lie with two in the main additions created in the begin of Season 7 - the X-4 Stormwing and Zipline.


    The Stormwing can be a weaponized plane that permits squads of players to fly around and wreak havoc, while the Zipline is a magnet discovered about the map that connects mountain peaks and allows players to fast travel from 1 hilltop to a further.


    General, you will discover at the moment nine confirmed bugs involving the two new products - six glitches with the Stormwing and three with the Zipline, and they've been inside the game to get a couple of weeks now.


    With there becoming a significant number of troubles in-game, in particular with the Stormwing and Zipline, it begs the question as to why the developers at Epic Games don't concentrate extra on resolving these bugs before forcing factors into Fortnite also early.


    That getting mentioned, the developers have at the least confirmed the presence and existence of lots of these bugs and are tough at work investigating them and trying to find fixes, although no matter whether or not these fixes will probably be identified, and when, remains unclear.


    Here is really a complete list of all confirmed bugs and glitches, and any prospective workarounds that players can use to prevent the problems temporarily. By the way, cheap Fortnite Items also on sale at U4GM.


    X-4 Storming



    • Although spectating, you could notice players appear within the skydiving stance while traversing the map.
    • Player models do not replicate correctly when switching involving teammates though spectating. This may perhaps bring about models to appear to jump about or fall off the wings although around the Stormwing.
    • Player models appear to detach from the Stormwing when scrubbing replays. If place within the Down But Not Out state though riding in the Stormwing, teammates can seem within the skydiving state.
    • The Stormwing is often noticed in a low amount of detail when its speed increases. This could hide the Boost gauge on mobile devices.
    • Working with Custom Keybindings for movement can disrupt the Stormwing's controls.
    • Stormwing overall health bars can only be noticed when nearby for the plane.





    • You could lose the ability to sprint for those who emote even though riding on a Zipline.
    • You may notice inconsistencies with player character models while on Ziplines.
    • You may from time to time fall in the Zipline beneath particular network situations or if structures are constructed close to a Zipline through a player is on it.



    • The scoreboard does not often accurately update and display the correct elimination count.
    • You'll find instances in which the scoreboard will not display anything when attempting to view it.


    Forced direction walking after editing a structure

    • Confirming an edit though holding WASD (or other directional inputs) will force a player to continue walking in that path.
    • Workaround: Discover yet another structure to edit, confirm the edit when not holding a directional input, confirm that edit.


    Increase in PC Crashes

    • We're investigating reports of a rise in Computer crashes, primarily on Intel drivers. If you are experiencing crashing, please update towards the most up-to-date driver version which can be v25.20.100.6323.
    • Workaround: Update your drivers to version v25.20.100.6323 or higher


    Auto shooting when using a gamepad

    • Players who use a controller can sometimes be put into a state in which they continuously shoot or swing their pickaxe. This only happens in particular situations.
    1. Enter Battle Royale
    2. Begin any match
    3. Land in any aspect of your map
    4. Gather materials
    5. Get any trap
    6. Press and hold any of your create button (LB, LT, RB or RT) though speedily switching to trap then weapons.
    7. Players ought to particularly press and hold any from the construct button (LB, LT, RB or RT) when quickly switching to trap than a weapon in exact order
    8. Doesn't come about having a keyboard, but takes place on Pc if a controller is connected to it.
    • Workaround: Switching to create and developing any structure cancels the auto-fire


    Aim Assist not working properly against vehicles and the Mounted Turret

    • When utilizing Aim Help against automobiles along with the Mounted turret, the crosshair is pulled towards the bottom in the vehicles/Turret as an alternative to focusing around the player occupying it.


    Music for certain emotes not playing

    • The music for certain emotes is not playing on the 1st usage. The music should play properly upon subsequent uses of affected emotes.
    • The Worm
    • Dance Moves
    • Drop the Bass
    • Default


    Workaround: Use the emote once, then use it again

    • Crosshairs blacked for specific Outfits while aiming
    • Crosshairs may be blocked when applying specific Outfits while aiming down sights. We're aware of this challenge and operating towards a repair.