Fortnite List of All the Vaulted Items As of January 2019

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    Fortnite has undergone some important changes in 2018, certainly, one of which can be the number of fortnite save the world items and weapons the developer Epic Games has vaulted. For clarity, a vaulted item is one that was added for the battle royale game but later removed, with motives varying from balancing the game to it not being applied a great deal by players. And now, thanks to Redditor KrystallAnn, we have a visual of every single item added and vaulted in the game as much as the time of this writing.


    For some, this list could be deemed a walk down memory lane, as really few players ever had any experience together with the Zapotron, the very first weapon vaulted in the game (following being available for a brief period). Other people could possibly be glad to view some Fortnite weapons vaulted, as some had been unpopular choices within the initial location, for example, the Infinity Blade.


    fortnite vaulted weapons items

    fortnite vaulted weapons items


    Luckily, vaulted items are not normally gone forever. Numerous Fortnite things which have been vaulted have been re-added, whereas a number of with the items, which include the smoke grenade, has also featured in the Unvaulted Limited-Time Mode. Occasionally, the points amongst things becoming added and vaulted are also extremely short, using the contentious Infinity Blade drawing one of the most consideration.


    But speaking of things being added, a recent Fortnite leak has recommended that a suppressed sniper rifle could soon be coming towards the battle royale mode, even though it will likely be a lot weaker than other sniper rifles in the game. It does include the advantage of not giving away a player's location, nevertheless. It's also worth mentioning that the Save the World mode already has a suppressed sniper rifle, but it will not be an incredibly popular weapon.


    Regardless of whether that modifications within the Battle Royale mode remains to be observed, but inside the meantime, players have lots to keep them busy since now Fortnite season 7 week 6 challenges went live. Fortnite is out now in early access for Android, iOS, PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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