Put the record compartments in a protected location

  •  When it comes to storing vinyl records, you have to apply vinyl cleaning solution, aerate the records, arrange the vinyl records in their boxes, and place the record compartments in a secure location. Vinyl records have been a fad for some time in the good old days in relation to music. They have now turned into collectible pieces since their production ceased because of new technology. Regardless, they still continue to produce awesome music particularly those that have been handled and kept properly. Since a few of them have become quite expensive now, knowing how to store them is pretty important to keep them always in good condition. Apply vinyl cleaning solution Using a vinyl cleaning solution, apply the correct amount, according to manufacturer's instruction, unto the vinyl record and wipe it around the surface with a microfiber cloth. This is one of the regular maintenance tasks you have to do to each of your vinyl records immediately after playing them and prior to returning them into their covers. Aerate the records For vinyl records that you have not played for some time, pull them out of their casings to air them out.

    This task is extremely vital since it removes any traces of mildew and mold build up that may possibly damage the vinyl records. You can also dust them while airing them out. But, to decrease dust from collecting on your records and on their covers, it is best to cover them with vinyl sleeves or even job ticket holders. Organize the vinyl records in their containers Get your vinyl record storages and ensure that they are clean. Because vinyl records can be fairly heavy when put all together, find out how much weight your containers can carry. So as not to ruin your records, they should only be arranged vertically and not in any other way. Arranging them in horizontally would most likely scratch the records from its very own cover, and storing them in a reclining position would cause the vinyl records to warp in time because of gravity. It is also a good idea to turn them, specifically those at the ends, every now and then. In addition, your record arrangement should also be in groups of similar types and sizes. Grouping your vinyl records by type would certainly make finding a lot simpler, and organizing them according to their sizes would prevent damage.

    Put the record compartments in a protected location Once you have organized your vinyl records into their boxes, you 'll have to search for a good location to stash the boxes, and you'll also have to look at the condition of the location in which they will be stashed. They should be put in an area free from heat and moisture. Because vinyl records are made of PVC material, they soften upon exposure to heat which causes warping. Therefore, never place them atop appliances that heat up when put to use or near windows that can get hot during daytime. Formation of mildew on the vinyl records, that is normally caused by humidity, can also ruin the records. Furthermore, if you smoke cigarettes, you might also want to do that outdoors and away from your records. This is because the fumes coming from the cigarettes can also cause damage to the records. Vinyl records are valuable items that not only bring pride to the collector, but also provide enjoyment. It may take some amount of effort to maintain their condition; however, seeing how the prices of these collectible items have increased, every minute in caring for them is well worth it.