The Elder Scrolls Blades release a video called The Future of D

  •  The studio spent much time speaking about how Immortal might be a full game having an expansive story to convince us it’s more than simply a mobile game, but it really didn’t pause to think about how that could make it look like that is the future from the Diablo series as being a whole.

    And we still don’t know. Maybe Immortal is usually a perfect indication of what’s ahead, or perhaps it’s not in any way.

     Back in August Blizzard release a video called The Future of Diablo, but even which simply said a similar thing we’ve heard elsewhere about there being “multiple Diablo projects” within the works – which, to Buy Elder Scrolls Blades Gold its credit, Blizzard may be very vocal about.

    But that’s not very much comfort when Immortal’s mobile spinoff announcement opens surprising new doors for the purpose we should potentially expect from those other projects.

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