Path of Exile current form may be prone

  • The same downside to Node that ought to increase % to get Frenzy charge with traps - what reason should i should take that Node now?

    Whether i can't know something or miss you...

    Sadly... I planned to start out as Trapper.

    As many stated, the seller in its current form POE Currency may be prone to being expolited (not simply with corruption, bear in mind that in 3.0.

     We will have a new currency that reforges an unique item to POE Items a new random one on the same clhead, simple and easy fast buying of unique jewels could are already exploitable by someone).

    A possible solution can have been just to raise the purchase price to such as 2c.

    Anyway.. maybe we'll be graced with another jewel during ACT 10, so several of you conrcerns are going to be addressed.