Path of Exile get back up this kind of game

  • Can PS4 players anticipate to see any exclusive content in the sport with it launches for the system?

    No, but that’s the best thing. We want Path of Exile players to get the full experience on all platforms, whether or not you’re playing on PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

    Path of Exile can often be called by many POE Trade one in the best supported games currently for the market, and that is further accentuated because of the fact the support for similar games, including Diablo 3, has been a lttle bit lacklustre in recent times.

     How important you think it is to back up this kind of POE Items game, or any game generally speaking, with strong content once it’s out from the game, and ways in which long ya think that support ideally should go on prior to a developer maybe starts pondering a sequel?