Path of Exile make a completely fledged AH

  • Make trading better, it'll make the  make a completely fledged AHamers happy and those that don't wish to trade, well... they'll keep not trading or continue in their SSF environment.

    IF at all GGG isn't going to want to make a completely Cheap POE Orbs fledged AH, no less than allow us to obtain public tabs while the gamer is offline.

     For example whenever you try to right click something it lets us know to pick up the product we ought to pay X quantity of currency, etc...

    Simple solution (for Xbox) MAKE BUYOUTS ALTOSELL!!

    Seller estipulate his price so u Just pay and find ur stuff without needing sellers RECHECK(?).

    Imagine you, i've 100 pieces of my public stash, I WILL HAVE TO GET BACK TO MY HIDEOUT 100 TIMES TO RECHECK WHAT I HAD ALREADY PUT A FIXED PRICE????

    I must craft a mana regen knife. Process evolves POE Trade a Lot of alts, augs, scours and regals. IMAGINE HOW MANY PEOPLE WILL HAVE TO STOP HIS GAMEPLAY TO SELL A SIMPLE STACK OF ALTS FOR ALMOST NOTHING! TOO MUCH EFFORT FOR A LOW PAYMENT!