Path of Exile is from Grinding Gear Games

  • Chris needs Nerfaholic's Anonymous. "Hi, I am Chris Wilson from Grinding Gear Games, and I am a Nerfaholic".

    "Erm, Thank you Chris, but we tend not to use real names here".

    "Hi, I am Chris Wilson from Grinding Gear Games".

    When you starting new league and after few days it is possible to see that somenes`s close 100 lvl. That was weird.

    It`s right that melee build, because new league we are able to feel strong that they`re inside middle of somewhere.

    For that we understand, there's no skill gem for POE Trade melee build, really, another league without new melee skill?

    Anyway the`re working quite hard, we don`t ought to POE Items pay them i really appreciated them.

    Good luck GG ! :-) Thx for many what are you doing.