Rise in the Phoenix to Path of Exile

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    RofP sits dormant outside of RF builds, so I guess it'll join the growing rapidly list of uniques which have been neutered since they were utilized by meta builds. Completely unnecessary.

    Level Experience Changes

    This is stupid. Personally, I would've liked to have a character to 100, nevertheless the xp requirement is already excessively high. This puts it halfway through the galaxy.

    Honestly, I'm sick and tired with seeing the game being balanced throughout the top 1% of players.

     The professional streamers and neckbeard basement dwellers define that range will find a way to blow through the action content just as if it were nothing, in order that it's idiotic to structure game in POE Trade balance around them while alienating and frustrating one other 99% within your playerbase.

     I understand wanting to come up with POE Items a game challenging all night . beating its content feel meaningful, but as with any things, you will find there's point where it gets a lot of.