Path of Exile reason for that server downtime

  • hahaha ONLY FOR 10 EXALTS i ONLY have 2-3 exalt after sixty day of farming league cause i spent all on rolling map game is broken we need to just all leave and allow agreed people stay here maybe the overall game will die once they will see 99% of player leaved

    Because we don't have a very choice as a result of patents and copyright and dev autocracy?

    You are aware of another arpg that comes from POE Currency a modern diablo 2 with final fantasy's pdreamive web and materia system?

    I'll gladly go listen to it. Especially if I can listen to POE Items it offline with mods.

    The substitute for legacy items is extensive server downtime that may only get longer and longer because playerbase got bigger. The reason for that server downtime therefore would be GGG running scripts to vary every single changed item to the site new values.