The latest Path of Exile 3.5.1b update in time

  • ‘Path of Exile’ 3.5.1b Patch Notes: Update Brings Back Bestiary Orbs, Fixes Betrayal League

    The latest Path of Exile 3.5.1b update has arrived. Find out anything that was changed and fixed, including major revamps with the Betrayal League, here.

    The holidays have ended and the team at Grinding Gear Games has deployed its initial update — 3.5.1b — for Path of Exile (POE). The update brings several improvements and bug fixes for POE Trade that Betrayal League, a fresh challenge league launched in December 2018.

    While the Betrayal league has shown to be an exciting new POE Items addition on the popular Action-RPG, it introduced many pesky bugs and unbalanced features that update 3.5.1b hopes to rectify.