The other players around the map

  • The other players around the map were concealing a whole lot more, and maplestory 2 buy mesos moving a lot less. They reacted to the noise of footsteps more intelligently. The final engagements played out very differently, with the majority of players sticking to the border of this circle and only sometimes poking their heads out of cover. In essence, people were playing more like ... individuals. They had been displaying the kinds of strategies and behaviours that have been shown effective in the year because Battlegrounds went live on PC.

    And that's fine. In reality, I had more fun getting fewer kills and ending up with a sixth spot because the enemies had been behaving in more challenging ways.

    But does this mean I was killing robots off until position 10? Not automatically. But rumors are definitely flying around. Other people at Polygon have their own suspicions, and now there is an assortment of dozens of threads on Reddit filled with players who are simply astounded at their aptitude at the game straight out of the gate. That's sending all types of red flags locally.

    Perhaps they weren't bots, however. They could also have just been new go to this page players trying to get their bearings. Either way, I am not even sure that I care. What's confusing is why that's not made clear at the outset. Some people today feel as though they're being lied to, that Maple Story Corp. and Tencent could at least be more transparent about which players are individual and which ones are bots.