But there's a far more OSRS gold

  • But there's a far more significant reason WHY we're doing this," that the Ubisoft announcement said regarding the summer sale. "In two weeks, we will remove those items from the shop. They'll return periodically afterwards in a OSRS gold standard rotation, and at a discount."

    Nothing could be removed from players' inventories, so if you'd the items, you could maintain them without issue. An explanation was initially given to say that the removal was happening to"unclutter the rather crowded menus" prior to the team struck through that response and instead referred players to the movie. No matter the reason, players were not too happy about dropping their content and immediately voiced their concerns.

    Just a day after the first statement, Ubisoft shared another article on the RS game's subreddit to say that the decision to remove the content was reconsidered and supreme scrapped.

    "Following the announcement on the Summer Lease and articles accessibility update, we wish to thank for your feedback and give you an upgrade," the moment RS statement stated. "With all this feedback and more benefit following reevaluating our plans, our team has opted to maintain the content in the RS game and not draw the items and the sale will continue as planned until July 19th."

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