Fundamental Guide for New Players

  • Fundamental Guide for New Players in MapleStory M. According to abstract opinion, Bishop and Dark Knight are just two classes most easy to play for newcomer, not need too strong farm and proceed boss good. Especially low HP and MP when farm.Bishop is very necessary for many activities in the game until the game closes. Notice: will nerf soon! Corsair is great, Bow Master consumes Maple story M Mesos, Night Lord consumes MP. You will wind up buying pellets, Should you play unreasonably!

    Leveling:Input the sport to complete all the activities are PINK! Notice to unite one time to 2-3 missions to save the Teleport stone. Completing all missions will give you 84 (85 if expedited buff) for 8 or 6 consecutive hours. Call the brothers in the Guild or World Channel make the party to the following events: Nett's Pyramid, Elite Dungeon to locate and level up. Note the level to continue to conduct the undertaking to make the most of experience points.

    At the end of the two events, start updating your inventory to the essential STAR to benefit get STARFORCE. If you're a Bishop then there is a party right away:-RRB-) This is the place to farm you exp!!! If you are weak, you can get a temporary solo farm in the Mini Dungeon and pick up HP MP. Notice: Should buff exp exp then sting max in two places to level up fastest!

    Daily, completing of the Daily and Daily Hunt assignments. The machine of low to high as follows: Normal Epic, Particular, Legendary, Mythic. You can earn Epic and Unusual .