Perfect Ten: MMOs that cater for the time-limited player

  • Every once inside a while we receive emails at Massively OP that share an identical sentiment. Usually that boils right down to, “I love MMOs, I need to play MMOs, but I’m extremely time-limited because of family/work/superhero commitments. What should I play?”
    I’ve seen this question asked numerous times MS 2 Mesos elsewhere, where it is dismissed by individuals who go “All MMOs may be played whatever! Just go at your own personal pace!” However, I don’t imagine that really addresses the necessity. These people are seeking MMOs that could be enjoyable in other words bursts (say, around a half-hour) and Buy MS 2 Mesos provides advancement and progression at the rate which makes any player feel satisfied. Not every MMO does that, if we’re honest.
    So where can the time-limited player get yourself a thrill and accomplishment currently? I possess a suggestion. Ten of which, the truth is.