His justifications?

  • “Some contestants asked their real friends, I asked my virtual ones. I can’t possibly determine if their Facebook accounts are real or you cannot,” Seah said.
    He also said: “Poulet failed to state the specifics and smarter people play the sport this way.”
    However, Seah could have broken one on the rules: He didn't set his Facebook privacy settings to public and left it private, but maintained that Poulet was fine on this arrangement when MapleStory 2 Mesos he contacted the restaurant.
    Poulet, for the other hand, could hardly confirm this arrangement.
    Following the revelation of Seah’s tactic inside media, Poulet’s Facebook page is experiencing another round of war of words as contestants remain decrying buying Likes.
    But the things they should be objecting to is Seah’s privatising of his post instead.
    Because by obscuring the volume of Likes, Seah had an unfair advantage since it prevented the full-on escalation on the onset in the contest, because closest second place photo — that was made Cheap MapleStory 2 Mesos public all along — already had 900 Likes. (Note: Seah eventually won with 1,200 plus Likes.)
    This ensures that Seah might possibly not have won eventually since the second place photo will often have tried harder to compete and oust Seah in the top spot — if there was clearly knowledge that Seah was within the top spot inside first place.