Best Madden NFL 17 MUT Safety Items

  • Earl Thomas III
    Those individuals who desire to play a Cover 3 or are seriously interested in stopping the run, Earl Thomas III might be the man you could have to hunt for. He not merely has ability, but also the speed making them one with all the best from the category. Apart from that, he could also break up and intercept passes a lot superior to Madden 19 Coins anyone else inside the experience.
    Reshad Jones
    A perfect combo of hit power and pursuit – this in fact is what describes Reshad Jones the highest! Apart by using this, they're also a sure tackler which might be why they have managed to ensure it is to our list. You must generate sure which you simply move around just before the snap so that you can produce most from his all-around Madden NFL 19 Coins abilities from the overall game.
    Tyrann Mathieu
    This young lad has quickly rose for your top on the ranks because of his brilliant zone coverage and immense size which essentially allow him to help his corners.