Final Fantasy XIV's Director Talks Housing Shortage, PS4 Cross-

  • Naoki Yoshida is now an icon to Final Fantasy XIV fans. When he logs in to the game, his character gets mobbed. One from the reasons for his popularity is his willingness for getting candid about all with the issues his game faces.
    Last week at E3 in Los Angeles, I spoke to Yoshida about some of the issues, for example the recent housing shortage that triggered a handful of players buying up every one of the land, the issue of balancing Final Fantasy XIV Gil content for hardcore and casual players, and whether Final Fantasy XIV is ever going to go free-to-play. (Probably not.)
    This interview, conducted using a Square Enix translator, may be edited for clarity.
    On fixing the housing shortage
    “I think we have now come really near to Final Fantasy 14 Gil resolving the matter where we don’t plenty of plots of land, and individuals are in desperate dependence on housing. But when we’re thinking about it at a perspective of, do the world thinks we have an entire form in this housing system, we don’t believe we’ve gotten there yet,” Yoshida said.