Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV's patch 4.5 in review

  • Ah, that's the good stuff. I'm not going to lie, I was honestly a bit concerned about this patch for Final Fantasy XIV. Not just because of my frankly absurd level of work I decided to pursue in getting all of my alts geared up before the expansion (what was I even thinking there), but because this patch had to do a lot with a little up front. It was launching without a whole lot beyond the first half of the MSQ, the new Alliance raid, and the new custom delivery client. Sure, that stuff only had to deliver for a week, but it was still a lot to ask for.Play Final Fantasy XIVColor me surprised and pleased that the patch actually had enough story stuff alone that FF14 Gil I could write a whole column on it. (And I will, although it must needs wait until after my initial impressions of Blue Mage next week.) But let's start off the way we always do, with a top-level overview of the patch as a whole.C'est la guerreMore than any other dungeon, running through the Ghimlyt Dark is running through a war zone. It's obvious where a lot of the inspiration here came from, honestly; the trenches, the wreckage, and the omnipresent fire and smoke feel like someone saw all sorts of iconic World War I movies and decided "yeah, we can do that in FFXIV." This would feel bad if it weren't all, you know, really good.
    I find it interesting how much of the fights are also defined by NPC companions. Basically every notable leader gets some time to show off here, including a moment for Kan-E-Senna to take charge of the situation. It keeps the dungeon fairly easy, but it also contributes to the feel that you are fighting through this battlefield with the leaders Final Fantasy XIV Gil in a way that a lot of games have tried without hitting.My first instinct was to say that the bosses feel a bit rote, but even that seems wrong. The first boss and his spinning pizza slice impacts feels genuinely new, but also easy to read in a moment; the second boss is technically just doing the Ifrit charge trick, but it feels unique in how you handle it and how you see it approaching. And the last boss is neat twist on paired bosses and has some neat overlapping AoEs to dodge.I wish that Annia's dashes were a bit better telegraphed on that fight, though, as I have seen people die to that sequence despite good intentions and clearly watching other indicators. It's a neat trick but has some drawbacks.