Monster Hunter World gets its Final Fantasy XIV crossover on S

  • Have you long been denied to be able to hunt the Behemoth because you'd like to play?Monster Hunter World on PC? Don't worry, that's ending shortly, because the game's?Final Fantasy XIV crossover event is arriving having a patch on December 21st. Players can hunt the fantastic Behemoth, decorate their palicos as moogles, and suit up in traditional Dragoon armor to hunt other beasts throughout the entire world.If you want and keep the FFXIV tradition arrive you will want to make certain to stand FF14 Gil in bad places and die whilst wearing that armor, yet it's hardly necessary.
    The hunt under consideration, while a unique hunt, will likely be available indefinitely, which means you have plenty of time and energy to slash on your path through the enormous purple creature. Of course, the flip side with Final Fantasy 14 Gil the crossover is available in?Final Fantasy XIV for many years now, these days everyone can share within the joy in the hunt irrespective of their preferred platforms.Source: Steam; as a result of Kieran for that tip!