Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV's leaks as well as the seduct

  • I'm planning to start off that has a statement that must be fairly uncontroversial but could possibly be otherwise and refer returning to it: At this aspect none of us within the audience understand what's happening with Final Fantasy XIV's next expansion.When it comes to making jokes with this, I will not have any moral high ground. I've been making jokes about pretending for being really surprised when Square-Enix unveils the title "Shadowbringers" as well as everyone else. But that joke is, well, a tale. It's meant to become silly. It is said with tongue firmly in cheek plus a full understanding it may, actually, 't be the expansion title. We have no idea of yet! It's still from the speculation stage.Play Final Fantasy XIVOf course, the community continues to be dealing with FF14 Gil anyone who has claimed to own more knowledge than us for any while now, and those that either do or don't think him are actually going back and forth with gusto. I've essentially stayed mum within this until now, however with what we've now seen of datamined information, what we realize with patch 4.4, and what speculation we still have, it seems just like the right the perfect time to ask whether it's all true and what we realize.
    The short version with the leaks that any of us've received thus far are as follows: Before 4.3 and 4.4 were released, this individual claimed, if you want, that 4.3 would possess a segment where you play as Alphinaud and players would deal with Tsukiyomi. (That's not only a typo; all from the leaks I've seen typed the name as "Tsukiyomi.") In 4.4, the ultimate boss sequence would go Chaos, Midgardsormr, Omega, and Adam & Eve. Then, with the next expansion we'll get two new races, a gunblade-wielding job dubbed "Soldier," Dancer, and Blue Mage.Now that people've got 4.4 here, folks are already arguing which it must be all true. After all, that may be the final sequence Final Fantasy XIV Gil of Omega bosses! Sort of. And it's that "almost" that's worth picking apart in depth.Those of you who've actually fought through Omega know the final boss is... Omega. Yes, the boss represents humanoid forms, but there is not any vagueness concerning identity; it's Omega. They're named Omega-M and Omega-F. The story is relentlessly clear on now. Similarly, maybe you know how the trial boss from patch 4.3 is Tsukuyomi, not Tsukiyomi. The latter spelling is viewed sometimes, but Tsukuyomi could be the generally accepted one.