So, ever since we're here, I suspect strongly we're getting Dan

  • So, ever since we're here, I suspect strongly we're getting Dancer as being a healing job as our second reveal. The odds of any DPS job feel very low. That's fine, in view that Samurai and Red Mage got to become the DPS additions with the very last expansion.Glory to MankindThis announcement only agreed to be... bonkers. It only agreed to be weird. And I wholly agree while using people taking a look at this with some quantity of confusion on that basis, however, not with actual apprehension, for the reason FFXIV Gil that none in the issues that exist here i will discuss different in the issues with Return to Ivalice.Yes, it really is harder to create NieR: Automata exist concurrently with FFXIV's world than for making Ivalice fit. But the fact on the matter is YoRHa has produced no claims to become contiguous with the last setting but simply with all the feel, something is true of two-thirds in the previous Alliance Raid sets. And, as I noted on Twitter within the weekend, the idea of the group of robots fighting a protracted, lonely battle on the part of creators that happen to be long since gone is... actually something which's already amongst gamers on multiple occasions. Omega and a lot of of our Allagan opponents are precisely that.
    It's important too to note, as mentioned explicitly, that this splash art is dependant on early concepts as opposed to being an actual for-the-game crafted image. It's a slight shift of existing NieR: Automata art. There's no reason to visualize that that is going to be considered a direct translation in the existing setting so much as being the feel along with the themes.And let's be very real here, this fits with all the expansion themes. One from the core ideas in Automata will be the question of identity and Buy FFXIV Gil self-definition, and given that Shadowbringers poses a shift inside the fundamental nature in the Warrior of Light, it's something ties in very naturally. You don't must do a good deal of work for making this fit. Make YoRHa a few Allagan bioweapons combating an opponent in the category of the Allagan Empire, along with both a built-in conflict and space to make the conflict break out now.There's space for this being really cool, and although it's roaming further afield than Ivalice, that already raised questions on the integrity with the world... and answered them having a deft hand. So let's just enjoy something players (including me) literally have wanted amongst people for ages within the form of an collaboration and today get in much more fleshed-out form.