Realistically, then, you have been looking at "a couple of extr

  • Realistically, then, you have been looking at "a couple of extra components of damage very intermittently." Because, again, these abilities aren't can be broadly useful. Most jobs who deal physical damage have gotten their basic damage combo around this time. It's normal. It's not really a failing of design; it's really a design that prioritizes time consuming build of abilities and complexity.And this actually also underscores another issue because Ninja's damage is physical and mostly melee-range. You wouldn't want to FF14 Gil make use of it on Bard, to all likelihood. This is often a good destination for a remember that FFXI didn't actually live up on the promise of this subjob system in many ways.Yes, theoretically your Blue Mage could sub 21 different jobs. That's a whole lot! But in practical terms, the majority of those subjobs are terrible for Blue Mage. Several of those are terrible for all; there is a reason that you do not see Bard or Beastmaster to be a subjob basically ever. In fact, for some jobs, you've four or five subjob options, plus 1 or 2 more with rare situational use.
    And some efforts are just more universally useful as subjobs (Samurai, Black Mage, White Mage, Warrior, and Dancer all one thinks of).Nor was this really any further "customized" than anything in Final Fantasy 14 Gil right this moment. If you played NIN/WAR, as an example, you played identically to each other NIN/WAR... unless you started investing Merit Points at level 75. And since virtually everyone was using NIN/WAR, you're probably playing a similar job as others plus or minus gear drops.