He would be a nice guy, then when I saw him again later he boug

  • “He would be a nice guy, then when I saw him again later he bought me a drink and was asking about my phone screen, the industry photo of me and my boyfriend,” she told Polygon. “He was attempting to kiss me in the bar before giving me the drink. I walked away, and told everyone he attemptedto kiss me. I laughed it well awkwardly RuneScape Gold because I didn’t actually know what to complete.”
    Larsen’s alleged behavior continued the subsequent night in an off-site gather. The same one who the streamer attempt to kiss the evening prior was out with a few of her friends when Larsen approached her again, she said. She described him as drunk, acknowledging she was also drinking that night, but told Polygon things got outside of hand quickly.
    “He saw I was super drunk, offered me another drink, which stupidly Buy RuneScape Gold I took again because I didn’t think being drunk and accepting a drink was accepting for being kissed or inspired to kiss many times,” she said. “This was when he tried kissing me, and I dodged it. Someone yelled at him saying, ‘What will you be doing?’ and that he yelled back, ‘She’s my girlfriend!’”