Navy Field 2 enhances its naval powers with new content

  • Today, NEXON Europe announced new nation content to your fast-paced World War I and II naval battling MMORTS, Navy Field 2. The update, called Marine Nationale (name together with the French Navy), allows players to voyage to the Atlantic coast of Europe using ships created using top quality steel, powerful engines, and superior weaponry that may prove to get advantageous while attacking enemies.
    Marine Nationale are going to be supported MapleStory 2 Mesos by new updates inside the form of two new maps, the Ocean, providing open naval warfare for players to combat it out through the vast seas, in addition to the Narrow Sea, creating close combat and fierce engagement. To make these battles each of the more enthralling, players are prepared for opponents utilizing the full manual control update of showing their true abilities and skills.
    All the modern updates is going to be available from 31st July.
    “We’re ecstatic to bring an alternative nation to Navy Field 2. Marine Nationale will deliver players higher level weaponry to look at advantage of and new maps to coach yourself regarding with MapleStory 2 Mesos for sale advanced battleships,” said Julia Moon, Lead Project Manager of Navy Field 2 at NEXON Europe. She also stated, “Navy Field 2 provides premier gaming having a less resource intensive 3D engine, therefore this new update offers more competitive gameplay and events about the larger scale, bringing Navy Field 2 on your forefront together with the naval MMORTS genre.”