You might imagine that there's enough awesome inside two paragr

  • You might imagine that there's enough awesome inside two paragraphs above. But the excellent people of MapleStory Europe disagree. To unlock something super-secret and particularly super-awesome, players are inspired to signing in each day between 4th and 10th November (properly though, being logged in overnight doesn’t count – no cheating!).
    These alluring and mysterious activities MapleStory 2 Mesos will cast more light on one using the biggest events to rock the whole world of MapleStory Europe, the LEAP update.
    What’s that? No, it's nothing to attempt with frogs. Or Lords (wrong month or year, practically). It isn’t obviously high quality leap year. But November are going to become LEAP month…
    From November 18th, MapleStory Europe will likely be crammed full of amazing updates that yield amazing rewards, from special level-up events for Blazing Hot and Ice Cold warriors, a high-level training Buy MapleStory 2 Mesos area and another Maple Contents Map System, to the exclusive timed Pink Bean job (go as a consequence of it before January!).
    Players will need all these mystery-solving nous and adventurous spirit. Maplers, we salute you!