MapleStory 2 formally launches this evening, lowers prices; her

  • MapleStory 2 officially rolls beyond headstart and into formal launch today, although servers are still down until around 1 p.m. EDT for maintenance. We are expecting a launch-day update and also preorder rewards, though patch notes haven’t been released yet; perform know it’ll improve the level cap, add the Runeblade class, and introduce the newest Karkar Island zone. New servers may also be on tap to file for today, in addition to being we wrote yesterday, Nexon is working away at cracking on MS2 Mesos the gold farmers, spammers, and bots.
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    Last night, Nexon raised eyebrows by reducing the cost of everything in its Style Coin shop by 30%. “I am prepared to share that, we're going to lower the buying price of all the items inside the coin shop by 30%,” Nexon wrote. “Based on the newest price, one of the most exclusive item we have within the coin shop ‘Pumpkin Witch Package’ that Buy MS2 Mesos has five different outfit pieces, sufficient reason for a full set providing effects will be now charging 76 coins. Because each item sends you 1 to three coins once you dismantle, and based for the rate we expect average of a single.65 coins per one Style Crate, meaning probably the most expensive package in coin shop will need approximately $125 USD. (Again, as a consequence of random %, this value can fluctuate).”