Global Chat: Is MapleStory 2 too cute because of its own britch

  • Maybe it’s the weird gaming lull that’s happening today, but MapleStory 2 has acquired a good quantity of press and player eyeballs (ew) as the newest MMORPG in regards to the block. The verdict? It’s mixed, although MS2 Mesos Nexon’s adorable anime is generating more discussion pc otherwise would have from the more active market.
    “It will be worth looking into if cuteness isn’t a dealbreaker,” said The MMOist. Fellow blog Unidentifiable Signal Source agrees, but cautions: “I get some good friends which could never play this in line with aesthetic alone. They simply don’t tolerate the cute chibi kind of thing.”
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    Endgame Variable declared he neglected to Buy MS2 Mesos obtain the title engaging for adults: “It appears as a game to the children. I don’t ever remember acting just being a child whether or not I would have been a young child, in like manner see that mindset of frivolity to have this game seemingly beyond me.”