MapleStory 2 uncovers character name reservations, announces re

  • The folks at Nexon are gearing up for your imminent launch of MapleStory 2, the sequel for the studio’s popular free-to-play sidescrolling, platforming beat-’em-up MapleStory. Right now, players may go ahead and download the action via Nexon’s launcher — it’s not now available on Steam, community . may make an appearance there “at some point MS 2 Mesos within the future” — and reserve their character names by building a character in Mushking Royale. Mushking Royale, for the people not from the know, can be a new battle royale-inspired PvP mode coming with MapleStory 2, and players can currently preview it as being part of its pre-season event.
    Then, on September 24th, Nexon will likely be holding a launch registration event, that may include “exclusive prizes for the people that subscribe.” Head start for your players with purchased Buy MS 2 Mesos founder’s packs begins on October 1st, and then the overall game will officially launch for all on October 10th. The game’s launch willalso coincide that has a “massive update . . ., increasing the amount cap to Lv. 60, introducing Karkar Island with new monsters to defeat and dungeons to understand more about, and introducing the newest Runeblade class.”